How to Make Money Reselling Old Toys Online

Is your house full of old toys that your kids no longer use? Though these space-consuming toys seem like junk to you, they can actually earn you a few extra bucks.

Follow these easy steps on how to you can resell toys online:

Sort it out

Gather all the items you want to sell. Scrub away dust and dirt thoroughly. Separate those that still have good quality from toys that are damaged.  Choose the toys that you think are still marketable.

Do a toy photo shoot

Customers always need a visual representation of products when they go online shopping. So  bring out that smartphone or digital camera and get ready to do that trendy flat lay photography for the toys you wish to sell.

Create a toy inventory

Using a spreadsheet, list down information about your items — description, original price, accessories or parts, and current condition.

Come up with a reasonable pricing

Determine how much you are willing to sell these old toys. Compare it with its original price as well its current price in the market. Remember that you are selling a second hand item so make sure that your price is worth paying for given the toy’s current condition.

Choose the online selling platform

Nowadays, you don’t need a brick-and-mortar shop just to sell old useful stuff.  Simply log in to Facebook and check for groups of interest. Upload photos of your toys in an album and get instant potential customers.  Another online marketplace platform you can try is Amazon. The Fulfilled by Amazon program allows you to ship items for sale to Amazon. They will then take care of packing and shipping. There are costs involved but this can mean less work for you.

Selling toys online will not only de-clutter your house but will also help you recoup some of their costs.

7 Freelancing Businesses You Can Start With No Money

For most people, side hustles are becoming a necessity more than a choice. With the cost of living skyrocketing almost every day, it’s hard to rely on just a day job.  Good thing there are freelancing businesses that people can venture in even without financial capital.

Arts and Crafts

Aside from art supplies, there’s nothing else to think about when starting arts and craft business. If you have an eye for detail and a special talent in arts, then market your skills and start earning money.

Baked Goods

Who says you can’t use your talent in the kitchen to earn extra income? Utilise your oven at home and start baking sweet treats. Think of something unique to sell to the market. Be it birthday cakes, valentine goodies or wedding giveaways.


In case you have a camera sitting in your closet, you can use it for photography services. Start targeting small events like birthday parties and anniversaries. Set up a portfolio online to market your talent.

Travel Consultancy

Got connections on tourist spots overseas? Become a travel consultant to utilize your network while earning money. With this venture, you only need an internet connection and a mobile phone to talk to clients.


The easiest way to earn without any capital is to rent out a spare space. Decorate the place and post an advertisement on Airbnb to get started.

Hair and Makeup

Offer cheap hair and makeup services to ladies attending prom, night out parties and other events. This only requires a set of cosmetics for a variety of skin tone.

Content Creation

Aside from full-length articles, product descriptions can also be your next resort for extra income. Be a content creator and charge clients per project.

Starting a business from scratch doesn’t require a big capital. Invest in your skills, learn new ones and be creative to have more revenue streams.

5 Money Saving Tips Your Parents Didn’t Teach You

From learning how to tie your shoe laces to writing your very first resume, you certainly learned a lot from your parents. But as you go through life, you realize that there are practical things you don’t know when it comes to managing personal finances.  I would have reached financial stability faster had I learned the following money saving tips early in life:

Create a budget and follow it

Your parents may have taught you the importance of living in a budget, but I guess they didn’t teach you how to actually make one…from scratch.  My parents didn’t teach me the wonders Excel can do to help track the money going in and out my wallet.

Save every $5 bill you get.

It doesn’t have to be five dollars, it all depends on your budget. You might think this is a childish idea, but regularly saving a few dollars is definitely better than not saving at all.

Choose water over sodas and juices

Imagine all the money you will save if you just drink water.  Skip the soda, cappuccino, or orange juice when you dine in your favorite restaurant.

Download food/restaurant apps that give you free food or discounts.

It’s 2018 – you can save money just by downloading an app! Food apps offer discounts and a lot more freebies that can save you a dollar or two.

Build your credit

Credit seems negative for most parents, but the truth is, using your credit wisely can save you more money. Having good credit score can help you achieve lower interest rates. Plus, using credit card in making purchases will help monitor your expenses better than using cash.

Now it’s time to stop blaming the past generation for the things they didn’t teach us.  Start discovering your money saving strategies that the next generation can learn from.